How Lawsuits Make the Nation Safer

When someone files a lawsuit, they may worry that others will accuse them of having selfish and greedy intent. However, what many do not realize is the fact that the tort system safeguards public safety. Without torts, companies would escape the responsibility to create consumer products that are safe.

What Is a Tort? What Is Product Liability?

In the legal world, the word tort is used to describe the wrongful actions of a person or company that causes harm to another person. Torts are usually damages caused by the tort. Lawsuits can be used to recover financial damages caused by medical bills, a loss of wages, and other struggles caused by personal injury.

Product liability is a specific type of tort claim that seeks to hold manufacturers liable for any dangerous products that they allow to enter the market. If a product has a design flaw or in manufactured incorrectly, those harmed by it are entitled to the recovery of damages from the company responsible for the item.

Why Torts Increase Public Safety

Tort claims and product liability increase public safety by holding companies accountable when they fail to prioritize safety. According to the Louisiana Association for Justice, the tort system prevents the deaths of 6,000 people each year. Ultimately, all companies want to make a profit. When a company is deterred from cutting corners aware when it knows it will be held responsible for doing so. 

Sometimes, the only thing that can force corporate American listen to something besides their profits is the voice of a jury. Product liability stops toys from harming children, prevents medical devices from destroying the lives they should be saving, and ensures protection for your family from dangerous automobile parts on the highway.

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