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Oilfield work, especially onshore drilling, is one of the most hazardous professions. The high rate of injury is attributed to various dangers, including heavy machinery, toxic substances, and the risk of fires and explosions. Accidents in this line of work can vary from land rig explosions and blowouts to falls and injuries from machinery.

If you or a loved one has been hurt, it’s crucial to consult with a Louisiana oilfield attorney familiar with your industry. Clayton, Frugé & Ward has the experience and knowledge to investigate your case, determine who is at fault, and help you recover financially. We’ve won more than $1 billion for plaintiffs just like you. Begin your road to recovery with a free consultation to understand your legal options. 

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The Critical Role of Tanker Trucks in Oilfield Accidents

Tanker trucks, equipped with specialized cylindrical containers, play a crucial role in onshore drilling operations by transporting liquid products, many of which are toxic and volatile. To maintain the safety of these substances, these vehicles often incorporate advanced features like insulation, pressurization, or refrigeration systems. The complex nature of their cargo necessitates drivers to have specialized training.

While indispensable to the logistics of onshore drilling, transporting supplies and products to and from drilling sites, tanker trucks also present significant risks. The New York Times reports that highway crashes are the leading cause of fatalities in the onshore drilling industry. The large size of these trucks, combined with the hazardous nature of their cargo, makes them some of the most dangerous vehicles on the highways, particularly in areas surrounding drilling sites. This brings to light a crucial aspect of oilfield safety: the role of tanker trucks not only as essential components of drilling operations but also as major contributors to the high rate of accidents.

Case Results

Results Matter. Ours have made history.

Our team of relentless injury Louisiana injury lawyers has experience handling every kind of personal injury claim under the sun. We are one of the very few law firms that accepts rejected cases because we’re skilled at identifying how to increase the odds of making even the toughest case succeed in court. That skill is why our firm won the largest single-injury verdict in Louisiana history: $117 million for a young mother who was left paralyzed in an ambulance crash. People call our firm after a loved one suffers the worst accidents of their lives, including work injuries, drowning incidents, truck crashes, and more.

    • $171 Million Plant Explosion
    • $117 Million Ambulance Accident
    • $75 Million Confidential Settlement
    • $65 Million Lead Paint Exposure
    • $60 Million Plant Explosion
    • $56 Million Truck Accident
    • $50 Million Breach of Contract
    • $49.5 Million Spinal Cord Injury
    • $46 Million Wrongful Death
    • $45.5 Million House Fire
    • $43.3 Million Brain Injury
    • $40 Million Confidential Settlement

Serious Lawyers for Serious Oilfield Accidents

Advocating for Your Legal Rights

The transportation of materials and products is a critical component in onshore drilling, and pipelines, alongside tanker trucks, play a significant role in this process. Pipelines are extensively used for their efficiency and safety in transporting various substances.

The U.S. has approximately 2.5 million miles of pipelines, many of which are aging and corroding. This increases the likelihood of pipeline ignitions, explosions, or spills.

The increasing vulnerability of aging pipelines presents a significant risk, one that is often not addressed promptly by the responsible companies. This negligence leaves individuals and families exposed to potential dangers. In the event of a pipeline explosion, oilfield companies carry the primary responsibility for the ensuring damages. This includes covering medical expenses, compensating for lost wages, and addressing non-economic losses suffered by those affected.

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Our Louisiana oilfield accident lawyers are well-versed in the intricacies of the drilling industry. We know how to confront companies to help plaintiffs recover from these devastating accidents. We are not just lawyers; we are advocates fighting. To begin the process, call us at (225) 209-9943 and set up a free consultation. This consultation will clarify your legal options and set the stage for us to start fighting for you.

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