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You’ve suffered a catastrophic loss: the loss of a vehicle, a business, or your home. The unthinkable has happened, but thankfully, you’ve prepared. You’ve spent years paying insurance premiums for just this moment. Now, all you need to do is file proof of loss, and you’ll get what you need to rebuild your life. Or so you hope.

Over the last few years, numerous reports have come out regarding how insurance companies really act when disaster strikes: switching adjusters every few weeks, delaying investigations, or denying claims outright. 

This is unethical, illegal, and simply unacceptable.

Fortunately, you have the right to demand fair treatment from your insurance provider. When insurance companies act in bad faith and deny, delay, or underpay valid claims, they can be held accountable. In fact, in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statutes § 22:1973, an insurance company that has acted in bad faith may be held liable for the full value of the original claim, plus damages and attorney fees.

When it comes to catastrophic losses, insurance companies still have an obligation to act in good faith and in a timely manner when investigating and paying claims. If an insurer fails to pay a claim within 30 days of receiving proof of loss or upon reaching a written agreement with the claimant—when this failure is “arbitrary, capricious, or without probable cause,” the insurer may face a penalty of 50 percent of the total damages, or $1,000, whichever is greater (Louisiana Revised Statutes §22:1892). This penalty would be paid in addition to the full value of the claim.

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Case Results

Results Matter. Ours have made history.

Our team of relentless injury Louisiana lawyers has experience handling every kind of claim under the sun. We are one of the very few law firms that accepts rejected cases because we’re skilled at identifying how to increase the odds of making even the toughest case succeed in court. That skill is why our firm won the largest single-injury verdict in Louisiana history: $117 million for a young mother who was left paralyzed in an ambulance crash. People call our firm after a loved one suffers the worst accidents of their lives, including work injuries, drowning incidents, truck crashes, and more.

    • $171 Million Plant Explosion
    • $117 Million Ambulance Accident
    • $75 Million Confidential Settlement
    • $65 Million Lead Paint Exposure
    • $60 Million Plant Explosion
    • $56 Million Truck Accident
    • $50 Million Breach of Contract
    • $49.5 Million Spinal Cord Injury
    • $46 Million Wrongful Death
    • $45.5 Million House Fire
    • $43.3 Million Brain Injury
    • $40 Million Confidential Settlement

Damages Available in a Bad Faith Claim in Louisiana

Get the Answers You Need & Deserve

If you filed an insurance claim following serious property damage, you have the right to be treated fairly by the insurance company you’ve faithfully paid premiums to. You could have grounds for a bad faith lawsuit against the insurance company if they failed to uphold their “duty of good faith and fair dealing,” under Louisiana Statutes.

You may have grounds for a bad faith lawsuit if:

  • The insurance company misrepresented facts or provisions related to coverages.
  • The insurer failed to pay a settlement within 30 days of a written agreement.
  • The insurer denied or settled a claim based on an application that was altered.
  • The company failed to pay a claim within 30 days of receiving valid proof of loss.
  • The insurer denied a claim for arbitrary, capricious, or unreasonable purposes.

The damages available in a Louisiana bad faith insurance lawsuit may include:

  • Any “general or special damages” caused by the breach of good faith
  • Penalties up to 2 times the damages sustained or up to $5,000 (§ 22:1973)
  • Penalties up to 50% of the damages sustained or up to $1,000 (§22:1892)

When you call Clayton, Frugé & Ward, you can find out more about your rights as a claimant or policyholder and learn what to do if your claim is being delayed or has been denied. You can also discuss what to do if the insurance company has offered you a settlement but you aren't sure whether it's fair. We have the answers you're looking for and the resources it takes to hold the biggest corporations accountable.

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