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Hurricanes are a stark reality for Louisiana residents. These natural disasters can bring about immense  damage, displacing families and disrupting lives. Amid the chaos and loss, dealing with insurance companies can be an added strain. Clayton, Frugé & Ward is here to ease that burden. Our Louisiana hurricane insurance claim lawyers are prepared to advocate on your behalf, ensuring you receive the compensation you're rightfully owed. Give us a call at (225) 209-9943 to learn how.

Challenges of Hurricane Insurance Claims

Navigating hurricane insurance claims in states prone to powerful storms, like Louisiana, presents a unique set of challenges. The state's vulnerability to these natural disasters not only increases the frequency of claims but also complicates the insurance landscape that property owners must traverse.

Here are some key difficulties policyholders face when dealing with a hurricane claim:

  • Understanding Policy Coverage: Hurricanes can cause wind damage, flooding, and more. It's common for insurance policies to cover wind damage, but many exclude flood damage, which often requires separate flood insurance. A lawyer can clarify these distinctions, ensuring policyholders understand what their insurance actually covers.
  • High Deductibles and Premiums: In hurricane-prone areas, insurance policies often come with higher deductibles and premiums. This can be a financial strain for property owners, and the high deductibles can lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses before insurance coverage kicks in.
  • The Scale of the Disaster: Following a hurricane, the volume of claims can overwhelm insurance companies, leading to delays. A lawyer can exert pressure on insurers to adhere to their duty of prompt service.
  • Lowball Settlement Offers: Insurance companies, looking to minimize their financial exposure, might offer settlements quickly that are insufficient to cover the actual costs of repair and replacement.
  • Proving the Extent of Damages: Documenting the full extent of hurricane damage can be challenging. A lawyer can help in the collection of comprehensive evidence, often collaborating with independent adjusters or experts.
  • Filing Multiple Claims: You may need to file multiple claims with different insurers. A lawyer can coordinate these claims and prevent insurers from denying a claim based on the assertion that another insurer is responsible.
  • Policy Exclusions & Limitations: Insurers might cite specific policy exclusions to deny a claim. An experienced attorney can scrutinize these exclusions and contest unfair claim denials.
  • Meeting Filing Deadlines: Hurricane insurance claims often have strict deadlines for notifying the insurer of a loss or filing a claim. Legal counsel can ensure these deadlines are met.

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Engaging a Louisiana attorney skilled in insurance claims can be critical for homeowners and business owners facing the daunting task of recovering from a hurricane. Clayton, Frugé & Ward is here to help policyholders like you through the process, challenge insurers' actions when necessary, and work toward securing the full compensation due to you.

Call the Louisiana hurricane lawyers at Clayton, Frugé & Ward to steer your claim to a successful resolution. 

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