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Our Louisiana Serious Injury Lawyers Help Undo Medical Debt, Lost Wages & More

Catastrophic injuries can change a life in just a few quick moments. From burns or spinal cord injuries to brain trauma, catastrophic injuries are made even more tragic and frustrating by the fact that another person’s negligence is almost always the cause. 

Our Louisiana catastrophic injury attorneys strive to hold negligent parties accountable by forcing them to cover the cost of their victims’ medical bills, lost wages, and more.

After decades of practice, the results speak for themselves—Clayton, Frugé & Ward has won over $1 billion fighting for people who need compensation, including the largest single-injury verdict in state history.

If you have been seriously injured, call our Louisiana catastrophic injury attorneys at (225) 209-9943!

What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Injuries that are considered catastrophic when they significantly impair a person’s cognition, mobility, or sensory abilities. When these accidents occur, they devastate the survivor's quality of life. Victims of these severe injuries experience pain, debt from medical treatment, and a decreased ability to earn a living.

Catastrophic injuries include:

When a person experiences the drastic transformation of life that catastrophic injuries cause, they are forced to undergo a radical change that no one should endure. Those who caused it must be held accountable.

For example, employers can slip under the watch of regulations and create unsafe work environments to increase profits. When an employee is injured, they dodge responsibility by attempting to place blame on anything and anyone but themselves. Simply implementing proper workplace rules would have protected the well-being of the injured.

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We are proud Louisianans who operate on the foundation of treating clients with excellent service and the dignity they deserve. We fight for clients because they’re our neighbors, and it’s the right thing to do.

Our Louisiana serious injury attorneys know catastrophic injuries are life-changing. If you or a loved one are struggling with the hardships of recovering from a catastrophic injury, let us help. These cases can be time-intensive and expensive. Our firm fearlessly invests the time, resources, and dedication required to produce tangible results for you. Once you contact us, we will build a strategy to win the best compensation for you.

Call our Louisiana catastrophic injury attorneys to obtain the legal representation you deserve. The consultation is free, and we do not charge fees unless your case is won. Call (225) 209-9943 as soon as possible.

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