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Our Spine Injury Lawyers in Louisiana Have Recovered Over $1 Billion

The human body utilizes a complex set of nerves that carry communication to and from the brain to function. Everything from motion to thought is controlled along the pathways our nerves create, protected from the rigors of daily life by the spinal column. When the spinal column is injured, the effects are catastrophic.

Car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States. 

Many, if not all, spine injuries can be prevented. The problem is negligence on the part of people who harm others with careless, reckless decisions. In order for victims to recover and get the care they need, these people must be held accountable for every bit of harm they cause—with no exceptions. At Clayton, Frugé & Ward, we have fought on behalf of plaintiffs suffering from spine injuries for decades.

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The Effects of Spine Injuries

The spine is comprised of numerous vertebrae and bones. When these components are compressed or broken, medicine classifies it as a severe spinal cord injury. However, serious spinal injuries do not occur only when the spine is severed. Even compressed spinal tissue can lead to chronic, potentially life-changing harm.

Injuries to portions of the spinal column cause the following:

  • Breathing issues
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Spasms
  • Pain
  • Paralysis

Spine injuries are usually treatable, but the worst trauma often remains long-term. Any progress requires time-intensive recovery and costly medical treatment. As a result, spine injury patients often lose their income and incur virtually insurmountable debt. Hiring a spinal cord injury attorney is the first step an injured patient can take toward recovering financial stability.

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Any chance at financial recovery begins when you call Clayton, Frugé & Ward. Our extensive case history includes a $117 million verdict for a woman who suffered a severe spinal cord injury; in the end, we were able to help her get the medical care she needed while winning the largest single-injury verdict in state history. With decades of legal practice in Louisiana, our firm has become the voice spinal cord injury victims need.

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