What to Do If You’re in a Bus Accident

There is a higher chance of sustaining injuries in a bus accident because buses have more passengers and are larger vehicles than the average car. Most buses also lack the safety equipment that vehicles have, making passengers vulnerable in the event of an accident. So, what happens when you are involved in a bus accident?

We have created a list of the most important things you need to do after a bus accident.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

If you have sustained severe injuries in a bus accident, it is vital to seek medical care as quickly as possible. If you can get to a safe spot, it is critical to do so because large buses can catch on fire after a serious accident. You may be taken to the hospital for immediate care and attention if you have sustained serious injuries.

Report the Accident & Talk to Witnesses

If you don’t need emergency medical care, take the time to report the accident to police officials to ensure a report is filed. Although the bus driver usually reports the accident to authorities, don’t assume they will. You will also want to find witnesses who were passengers on the bus or nearby to get additional insight. You should also obtain witness's contact information to use for your case.

Obtain Evidence from the Scene

Gathering as much evidence as possible from the accident is vital. Take pictures of the scene if possible because it can help with courtroom evidence in the future. Capture traffic lights, traffic signs, skid marks or any other helpful evidence.

Keep Medical Records

You will also want to keep records of all bus accident injuries. This includes all receipts, bills, and other documents that may help determine the physical and financial damages caused by accident. Doctor visits, physical therapy, and hospital bills should be saved.

Contact a Louisiana Bus Accident Attorney

Regardless of the severity level of your accident, it is essential to contact a bus accident attorney as soon as possible to file a personal injury claim. Failing to do so will result in lost compensation for the damages caused. An attorney will be able to investigate the accident and explain the different legal options available for your case. Contact our Louisiana bus accident attorneys for a free case review at (225) 209-9943!