What Happens If My Workers’ Comp Claim Gets Denied?

Workers’ compensation has helped countless people replace some of their income and afford medical care when they were injured at work. That makes it even more devastating when an injured worker’s claim gets denied. Workers’ compensation benefits are paid out by insurance companies, which means it’s in the company’s best interest to deny you payment for whatever legal reason they can find.

If there’s even a chance that your injury wasn’t caused by your job or during your job duties, your employer or their insurer may deny your claim outright. That’s their way of pushing you around—they’re expecting that you’ll just go away and they can save money on your relief.

That’s where a lawyer comes in handy.

Appealing a Workers’ Comp Claim Denial in Louisiana

When the insurance company tries to push your case into the garbage, you need an attorney to fight back. Their first job will be proving that your injury was related to your job duties, which qualifies you for workers’ comp benefits. However, a workers’ compensation lawyer doesn’t have to stop there.

If your injury was in any way a result of your employer’s negligence, then you may be able to sue for damages beyond workers’ compensation benefits. Negligent employers are liable for the full cost of an injured employee’s medical costs, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and other losses. In other words, your employer might be liable to pay for your recovery in full.

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