Suit Filed Against Pipeline Operators for Erosion of Elmer’s Island Wildlife Preserve

As recently reported by Courthouse News Service, our firm has filed suit on behalf of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries against BP Oil Pipeline Company, Chevron Pipe Line Company, Arrowhead Gulf Coast Pipeline LLC, and Plains Pipeline LP. We contend that these corporations have neglected their contractual commitments to both preserve and restore the pristine environment of the Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge.

Spanning about 1,150 acres and located approximately 2 hours from New Orleans, Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge is a haven for myriad species and also plays a pivotal role in offering storm protection to southeast Louisiana. Tragically, this ecological gem has been marred by pipelines and canals, some of which have existed since the 1950s, leading to alarming habitat loss and erosion.

Not only have these infrastructures scarred the natural beauty of Elmer's Island, but they have also obliterated vast sections of the marsh, turning them into expanses of water. If left unchecked, the widening of these canals threatens to erode even more of this invaluable land.

Research has revealed pipeline companies have been aware of the environmental repercussions of their actions since the 1950s. A report from 1972, commissioned by the oil and gas sector, underscored the risks of coastal erosion linked to pipeline operations.

Yet, despite this knowledge, we contend that the defendants have shirked their duty.

Based on contracts signed with Elmer's Island during the 1950s and ‘60s, these companies pledged to maintain their pipelines to prevent erosion. Our suit asserts their ongoing negligence in this regard, resulting in escalating harm to the wildlife refuge.

We're resolute in our pursuit of comprehensive property restoration and rightful damages.

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