Rideshare Companies & Passenger Safety During COVID-19

While services like Uber and Lyft took a major hit during the initial lockdown, the lifting of safety restrictions in Louisiana has brought back demand for the popular ridesharing services. People are using Uber and Lyft for grocery trips, work commutes, and other daily tasks. 

However, for as long as there is no vaccine and the pandemic remains a risk, rideshare companies have had to implement new safety practices for the sake of riders and drivers. Uber and Lyft now require all riders and drivers to wear a mask, and they provide cleaning supplies to drivers to sanitize surfaces between all rides. Uber also recommends that drivers open windows to promote ventilation. 

In May, Governor John Bel Edwards expressed that he wouldn’t use a rideshare app unless he and the driver were both masked.

Uber now requires all drivers to take a selfie showing they have a mask on before every ride. The problem, however, is that drivers are stuck between turning down rides or enforcing the mask policy for unmasked passengers. Additionally, while wearing a mask is enforced by Uber, there’s no way to make sure rideshare drivers are actually abiding by the app’s cleaning policies. 

Hold Companies Accountable for Unsafe Practices

Rideshare drivers alone are not responsible for the health and safety of passengers and themselves. Ultimately, it’s apps that must be held accountable when a driver employs unsafe practices and harms a passenger. This is as true for COVID as it is for car accidents. If a rideshare driver causes any sort of harm to a passenger, then the passenger must be able to hold Uber or Lyft accountable for the policies that allowed the harm to occur.

Clayton, Frugé & Ward represents the victims of rideshare accidents and beyond, helping them get compensation for medical care, lost wages, and other damages. It’s every rideshare company’s responsibility to ensure the safety of every passenger. When companies fail, they must be held accountable.

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