How Much to Expect from a Car Accident Settlement

As one of the few trial law firms in Louisiana, our NOLA car accident attorneys can confidently say trials are the exception. Most car accident claims will end in an out-of-court settlement. While the settlement rate is in dispute, it’s likely that 2 in 3 car accident claims get settled.

So if your claim is likely to settle, how much can you expect? And why does it matter if you hire a lawyer?

How Much Do Car Accidents Settle for in Louisiana?

According to the Insurance Research Council, the national average car accident settlement is $20,000. There’s no study on the average settlement in Louisiana, but the cost of a car accident is more-or-less the same by state. Healthcare costs remain largely the same, as do the costs of replacing a car. The major difference between states would be the cost of lost wages.

However, when it comes to accident settlements, how much the insurer gives you is as much about leverage as it is about actual damages. If the insurer thinks you’re likely to fold if your case is delayed or denied, they may offer you nothing. If they think your case can be closed for a minimal amount, they may offer you less than you need to recover.

Why Call a Louisiana Car Accident Lawyer?

At least one study shows that, if a claimant is as familiar with the value of their damages as their insurer, hiring a plaintiffs' attorney before the insurer makes an offer will often result in a higher payout. While no attorney can make promises about the size of a settlement, one of the best ways to understand your damages is by getting a consultation with a plaintiffs’ attorney.

Clayton, Frugé & Ward is one of the most successful injury law firm in Louisiana. Our firm won the state’s largest-ever single injury verdict because we know how to put pressure on defendants. If you want to know how much your case deserves to settle for, speak with us in a free consultation as soon as possible. We can discuss your options and what’s next for your case.

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