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Billy Pugh Basket Transfer Injury Claims in Louisiana

Basket transfer operations are inherently fraught with risks. It’s the responsibility of the employer to mitigate these dangers, ensuring the utmost safety when workers are transferred on or off vessels or platforms. 

However, the harsh reality is that many of these accidents are caused by employer negligence, making them legally accountable for covering not just the medical bills but also lost wages and other damages. Despite their legal obligations, employers are unlikely to take responsibility for the harm caused—not unless they’re forced to.

That’s where we at Clayton, Frugé & Ward come in. As dedicated Louisiana basket transfer accident attorneys, it’s our job to hold employers accountable and ensure you receive the compensation you’re legally entitled to. Our team of trial lawyers have the resources and experience to fight for your rights when your employer won’t act responsibly.

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What Causes Basket Transfer Accidents?

Billy Pugh baskets, often used for basket transfer operations, are a type of crane-based transfer system. Workers attach themselves to the netting in these baskets, which are then swung by the crane from one vessel or platform to another for the transfer. Despite the seemingly simple mechanics, the process is susceptible to various hazards, predominantly stemming from human error, equipment malfunction, and environmental factors like high winds or turbulent seas.

One notable example of an accident occurred in 2017, attributed to a structural failure in the crane itself. Such incidents underscore the irresponsibility of conducting transfers under risky conditions—whether it be inclement weather, using a poorly maintained crane, or employing an inexperienced operator. The aftermath can be devastating, leading to severe injuries. Employers who allow such hazardous transfers are not just unethical but in violation of the law.

Why It’s Crucial to Consult an Experienced Louisiana Attorney

Companies involved in these accidents often try to quickly settle the matter, usually offering a sum that seems substantial at first but is woefully inadequate for long-term expenses. If you decide to challenge them, be prepared for a legal battle; these companies have the resources to hire law firms who specialize in protecting their interests, often at the cost of vulnerable employees. This is why you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Our law firm has a strong track record in this area, having secured over $1 billion for our clients, including the largest single-injury verdict in Louisiana’s history. 

At Clayton, Frugé & Ward, we are not only experienced but formidable; companies are well aware of our reputation and know better than to take us lightly. Don’t gamble with your future by accepting a quick, inadequate settlement. Reach out to our seasoned Louisiana basket transfer accident lawyers to fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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