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Fighting for Injured Plant & Refinery Workers Across Louisiana

The workers of Louisiana’s plants and refineries have difficult jobs. They work with equipment that can malfunction and around toxic substances that can cause serious harm or even death. They perform physically demanding tasks that can seriously injured them. Though their jobs may have inherent dangers, they deserve to work in environments where safety standards are implemented according to state and federal regulations. Their employers must put safety first.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers put profits over safety. In trying to keep production up and shareholders happy, they gloss over inspections, fail to replace aging equipment, and allow or even encourage environments where lax safety standards are the norm. This can lead to catastrophes like chemical plant leaks, refinery explosions, and more.

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What Are My Rights as a Plant or Refinery Worker?

As a plant or refinery worker, you have the right to seek medical treatment and compensation if you’re injured on the job. Workers’ compensation may cover your injury or illness, or you could have an additional third-party claim against someone other than your employer for contributing to your accident. As experienced plant and refinery accident lawyers, we can approach your case aggressively, helping you seek maximum compensation for your expenses and losses.

Our New Orleans refinery accident law firm handles cases involving:

  • Fires and explosions
  • Chemical plant accidents
  • Fertilizer plant accidents
  • Factory accidents
  • Oil refinery accidents

Large corporations and their insurance companies have a long history of denying fair compensation to injured workers and families of affected workers. They underpay claims, delay payment, launch lengthy and unnecessary investigations, and do everything in their power to try to avoid responsibility. Sometimes they try to pressure injured employees to return to work when they aren’t ready. These tactics are unethical. Our firm fights to expose violations of workers’ rights, helping them get the treatment they need and the ongoing care that makes all the difference in their ability to move on.

Helping Victims of New Orleans Plant & Refinery Explosions

Explosions are the most catastrophic of all plant and refinery accidents. 

They can claim the life of every person at the facility and can even put nearby homes, businesses, and their occupants at risk. There have been stories of plant explosions that blasted the windows from homes more than a mile away. The heat in an explosion can exceed 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Then there’s the possibility of contamination.

When plants and refineries explode, our team does everything in our power to see justice served. We represented survivors of one of the worst plant explosions in Louisiana history, helping them recover life-changing compensation. After the Williams Geismar plant explosion, our team helped secure an $18.5 million jury verdict against Williams Companies, Inc. and Sabic Petrochemicals, and a $15.5 million verdict for 4 contract workers who were injured in the explosion.

Choose a Proven New Orleans Plant Accident Attorney

The time after a plant or refinery accident can be confusing. You can’t count on your employer to do the right thing, and your friends and family members won’t know how to help. The best thing you can do is talk to an attorney who has experience with cases like yours. When you call Clayton, Frugé & Ward for a free consultation, you’ll quickly find we are happy to answer your questions and help you get on the road to recovery. We know what to do to protect your interests. We know how to stand up for fair compensation, and we have the resources and skill to fight for the results you deserve.

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