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Ambulance accidents result in severe injuries, not only due to the severity of the crash, but due to the fact that ambulance passengers are typically already in fragile condition. Plaintiffs need more than condolences or apologies; they need justice. After decades of combined experience with injury law, Clayton, Frugé & Ward knows that more than most firms. In fact, our Louisiana ambulance accident lawyers won the state’s largest single-injury verdict for an ambulance accident victim: $117 million for a single mother and her children.

In short, we understand the complexity and emotional toll of these accidents. 

Our diverse law firm has helped hundreds of Louisianans rebuild their lives after serious vehicle accidents. With ambulance accidents, plaintiffs aren't just facing another driver's insurance company; they're facing a private healthcare entity with a ruthless commitment to avoiding any and all liability. That's why you need ambulance accident lawyers who have experiencing handling cases like these. Our approach to ambulance accidents (and all other personal injury claims) has allowed us to recover more than $1 billion total in verdicts and settlements.

If you or a loved one were in an ambulance accident, contact Clayton, Frugé & Ward for a free consultation at (225) 209-9943. Our experienced lawyers can discuss your strongest recovery options.

What Is an Ambulance Accident Claim?

Ambulance accidents fall under personal injury claims, where a person who has been harmed seeks compensation from the entity that caused them harm. Whether you were a patient, a pedestrian, or an employee, you may be entitled to compensation for physical injuries, lost wages, and medical expenses incurred by your injuries. 

Ambulance accident claims often involve multiple parties. For instance, a typical ambulance accident might involve the driver, the ambulance company, and the ambulance company’s insurer. In situations where the ambulance crashed into another commercial vehicle, a case might involve twice as many parties. A law firm with a track record like ours can have an enormous impact on the outcome of an ambulance accident claim.

How Long Do You Have to Sue for an Ambulance Accident in Louisiana?

Louisiana law typically allows one year from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit, with few exceptions. This short window requires prompt action. Due to the complexities and the short window for filing a claim, it's crucial to consult with an experienced ambulance accident attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help navigate the legal process, identify all potential sources of liability, and ensure that all necessary steps are taken within the legal time frame.

Contact a Louisiana Ambulance Accident Attorney

Navigating the legal process for ambulance accidents can be overwhelming. Clayton, Frugé & Ward makes sure you are not alone. Our team of Louisiana ambulance accident lawyers has built our reputation on winning challenging cases; our verdicts and settlements total over $1 billion. Our firm’s comprehensive knowledge and success in ambulance accident cases demonstrate our commitment to fighting for our clients, including their present and their future.

If you’ve been harmed in an ambulance accident, speak to our Louisiana ambulance accident attorneys. Call today for a free case evaluation at (225) 209-9943. Remember, you pay nothing unless we win your case!

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