Hurricane Ida Commercial Wind Damage Claims

Helping Businesses File Commercial Insurance Claims

On the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida descended on Louisiana. While the hurricane was smaller than Katrina, officials called it the most powerful storm in the state’s history, including Hurricane Laura and the Last Island hurricane of 1856. Thankfully, New Orleans was better prepared for flooding, but no one could prepare for Hurricane Ida’s 150 mph winds. At that speed, winds were uprooting trees, lifting roofs, and tearing buildings to shreds. Entire buildings were hollowed out or toppled over, destroying millions of dollars of commercial property and eradicating entire livelihoods.

It’s for disasters like these that commercial insurance was invented. 

You’ve paid premiums for years in case of a moment like this. But if Katrina tells us anything, it’s that insurance companies refuse to take a loss—even when their own policies demand they cover the damage caused by Hurricane Ida. While your business is operating at half capacity (or no capacity), insurers have the power to wait you out, force you to give up on your claim, or take far less than you’re owed. When you have no other options, what choice do you have?

Types of Damage Caused by Hurricane Ida

No one could have foreseen the disastrous effects of Hurricane Ida. From destroyed buildings to uprooted communities, recovery from the storm will take years.

At Clayton, Frugé & Ward, we help business owners earn the compensation they deserve to recover from damage such as:

  • Structural damage
  • Damage to roofs, walls, windows, or doors
  • Destroyed inventory, tools, or equipment
  • Business interruption

Be Prepared for a Fight

Hurricane claims are notoriously complex—or rather, they’re notorious for becoming complex as soon as your insurer gets involved. In truth, your claim should be simple: the wind caused damage to your business, you file a claim showing so, and the insurance company pays out your policy limits to help you recover.

What usually happens is this: your insurer will deny your claim or delay it using a number of tactics at their disposal. Your claim might trade hands from adjuster to adjuster, forcing you to resubmit the same files over and over again (which delays your case even further). Or your denial letter might insist that the damage isn’t covered under an obscure clause in your policy designed for this exact purpose. In either case, the end result is the same, and you’ll need to hire a lawyer.

Have a Louisiana Insurance Lawyer Handle Your Claim

Rather than struggle for months on your own, it would be faster, easier, and more effective to bring a Louisiana commercial wind damage lawyer into the process far earlier. Having your own insurance claim attorneys tells the insurance company they can’t abuse you or give you the run-around, and it forces them to deal with your claim fairly. And if they don’t? We’ll take them to court and sue them for your policy limits plus damages for hindering your claim.

Clayton, Frugé & Ward has won over $1 billion for our clients against some of the biggest insurers and corporations in the nation. If you’re filing a Hurricane Ida commercial wind damage claim, bring us in to make sure the insurance company pays what you need to rebuild your business. We have the resources and experience to take your case all the way to court.

Call (225) 209-9943 for a free consultation to discuss your options as soon as possible. 

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